Seamless and Secure Experience

The Quickbit crypto ATM guides you through each step of the selling process, ensuring a seamless experience. Please note that selling transactions may take longer compared to buying transactions, which may require some wait time. However, rest assured that our machine is designed to optimize efficiency and provide you with a smooth and secure transaction. We appreciate your patience as we process your sale and strive to deliver the best possible service.

Initiating Your Session

To initiate your session, simply press the [START] button on the cover screen. Next, enter your mobile phone number as a 10-digit string, including the area code. Please input the number without any dashes, brackets, or special characters. This information allows us to ensure a seamless and secure experience for you.

Mobile Phone Validation

The BTM texts you a validation code (via SMS) you simply key in using the BTM’s touch screen keyboard, then press [PROCEED]. This code ties the transaction to your mobile phone number (the BTM limits users to $3,000CAD cash transactions per day and $10,000CAD per week). Note: It is unlawful to use a telephone number not directly traceable to the user.

Selling BTC at a Quickbit Crypto ATM

At the BTM, choose between BUYING BTC or SELLING BTC. Select “SELLING” for selling BTC.

The upper right corner of the screen shows the current exchange rate for purchasing your BTC. It’s based on the real-time market price from our online exchange.

Note that the BTM dispenses Canadian currency in $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills. Choose the desired amount of CAD cash you want to withdraw. The BTM will calculate and display the corresponding BTC quantity needed.

Keep in mind that there might be a small residual amount of BTC left in your wallet. Use your mobile phone’s calculator, if necessary, to determine the desired BTC amount to sell, considering the currency limitation.

In rare cases, the BTM may not have the exact bill combination for your requested amount. You’ll be given alternate options to select. Opting for the lower amount is usually safer, as you know you have enough BTC to sell. However, if you have sufficient BTC for the higher amount, you may choose it.

Verifying and Sending BTC

During this next step, please note that there is a time limit, but don’t feel rushed or panicked. If time runs out, simply initiate the transaction again from the beginning without any issues.

The BTM will prompt you to use your digital wallet and send the required BTC amount, which is displayed on the screen, to the machine’s wallet. The BTM’s wallet’s public key will appear as a QR code on the screen. Use your wallet app to scan this address, and then specify the exact amount of BTC to send, as shown in row 2 on the screen. It’s crucial to DOUBLE CHECK that the amount you’re sending matches the BTC figure displayed accurately. Once you’ve verified the amount, press [SEND] in your phone’s wallet app, and then press [PROCEED] on the BTM screen to continue the transaction.

Waiting for BTC Confirmation

After completing the transaction, there is a waiting period for the BTC to receive confirmation from the Bitcoin blockchain regarding the transfer. This process can be near-instantaneous or may take some time, especially for larger amounts of $CAD cash involved, as the BTC awaits multiple confirmations from the blockchain.

While you wait, other users can still utilize the BTM. To ensure the security of your transaction, the BTM will send a unique code to your phone via SMS. This code allows you to log in and resume your transaction once the BTC is ready. Rest assured that the BTM will not release your cash to another user at random. It will only dispense the cash once you are logged in and identified to continue your transaction securely.



Discover the seamless way to reenter the world of fiat currency. Initiate a hassle-free sell order through our streamlined QuickBit Access page, and experience the convenience of receiving a notification when it’s prepared for your collection. Alternatively, locate your closest Bitcoin ATM, where you can swiftly complete the entire transaction in one efficient process.