How to buy bitcoin

Starting Your Session

To initiate your session, simply press the [START] button on the cover screen. Then, enter your mobile phone number as a 10-digit string, including the area code. Please input the number without any dashes, brackets, or special characters. This information allows us to ensure a seamless and secure experience for you.

Entering Validation Code

The BTM will text you a validation code (via SMS). Enter the code on the BTM’s touch screen keyboard and press [PROCEED]. This code links the transaction to your mobile phone number. Note that the BTM limits users to $990 CAD cash transactions per day or $9,980 CAD when verified with ID.

SMS Notifications

To ensure you receive important information, make sure to provide your personal phone number as SMS notifications will be sent to it. It’s important to note that using a telephone number that cannot be directly traced back to the user is against the law. Please ensure you use a phone number that can be associated with your identity to comply with legal regulations

Buying BTC at a Quickbit Crypto ATM

When using the BTM, you will be prompted to select whether you are BUYING BTC or SELLING BTC to the machine. Choose [BUYING] if you want to buy BTC. The BTM will then inquire if you already have a digital wallet.

If you Don’t have a BTC Wallet: Select [NO], and the BTM will print a free empty paper digital wallet for you. This paper wallet consists of two QR codes: one for your “Public” Key and the other for your “Private” Key. It’s important to note that the printed wallet is empty, as shown in the image of a blank paper wallet on the right (or above on mobile). To proceed, scan the Public Key of the paper wallet by placing it over the scanner on the right side, just below the screen. Although the BTM immediately forgets the wallet address for security reasons, scanning the Public Key is still necessary.

If you already have a BTC Wallet: Select [YES]. Open your phone app and zoom in to display your wallet’s public key QR code on the screen. Hold your phone over the scanner for the BTM to scan the wallet address.

Once the wallet address (whether from a paper wallet or phone app) is successfully scanned, the BTM will proceed to the next screen.

Cash to BTC

To convert $CAD cash to BTC, insert the desired amount of cash one bill at a time into the bill acceptor located on the front of the BTM. The bill acceptor is the lowest horizontal slot on the left side, below the slot with blue LEDs.

Please note that the BTM only accepts $CAD currency denominations of $10, $20, $50, and $100. Therefore, your purchase must be in multiples of $10. Your transaction can range from as little as $10CAD to a maximum of $9,900CAD. The current exchange rate will be displayed on the screen, and the amount of BTC issued will be proportional to the $CAD you insert. For example, if the quoted rate for one BTC is $800CAD and you deposit $200, the BTM will issue you exactly one-quarter of one Bitcoin, equivalent to 0.25000BTC.

The BTM validates and counts the currency as it is inserted, providing a running total on the screen. Once you have inserted the desired amount to convert into BTC, press [I’m Done].

Reference and Documentation

Once the BTM completes issuing your Bitcoin to the wallet address you previously scanned, you can proceed to press [PRINT RECEIPT]. The BTM will then provide you with a paper receipt (an example is shown on the right).

The Receipt Contains:

  1. The current exchange rate used for the purchase.
  2. The total amount of cash deposited into the BTM.
  3. The precise amount of BTC deposited into your wallet, displayed to the eighth decimal point.
  4. The public key address of your wallet (please note that the address string on the receipt matches the public key on the wallet shown on the left).
  5. An ID assigned by the BTM to uniquely identify this transaction.

By providing these details on the receipt, the BTM ensures you have a record of the transaction, including the exchange rate, the amount deposited, the BTC received, wallet address, and a transaction ID for reference.

If you require any further assistance or have additional questions, please feel free to ask.



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