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Trezor Model T: Ultimate crypto protection

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Product Details
UPC: 661646842098
Brand: Trezor

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About this item

The Trezor Model T is the ultimate solution for securing your digital assets. With its simple, user-friendly design, taking ownership of your data has never been easier. The Trezor Model T is more than just a security token; it's your wallet, your authenticator, and your digital ID all in one.

Your digital keys, which grant access to your coins and other data, are stored on the device, keeping them isolated from online vulnerabilities. The Trezor Model T's network-isolated authentication feature provides an extra layer of security by confirming all operations on the device itself, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

The Trezor Model T also offers easy backup options with its industry-standard recovery seeds (BIP32, BIP39, BIP44, SLIP39) and is the first hardware wallet to implement Shamir Backup (SLIP39) for added security. Passwords are individually locked within Trezor Password Manager, using your digital keys, and are only released after physically confirming the action on your Trezor.

In addition to storing your digital assets, the Trezor Model T also serves as a U2F (Universal 2nd-Factor) hardware token and is equipped with a touchscreen for an intuitive and convenient interface.

Customer support is also a priority, with experts available to assist you at all times. The Trezor Model T has been audited by security researchers and has a proven track record of security. Additionally, it is supported on all major computer operating systems and Android mobile devices.

Overall, Trezor Model T is a transparent, secure and easy-to-use solution for all your digital assets.


Trezor Model T’s function and design ensure that your assets are always safe. The touchscreen provides a seamless user experience with exceptional device responsiveness while managing your crypto assets. Trezor with confidence as your keys never leave the device, keeping them isolated from online vulnerabilities.


Securing your digital assets has never been simpler. Take ownership of your data with Trezor and protect cryptocurrencies, passwords, and other digital keys from hacks and theft. The Trezor Model T is a cold storage wallet, authenticator, and digital ID inside an advanced and secure hardware device.


Trezor helped create the industry standards for recovery seeds (BIP32, BIP39, BIP44, SLIP39). This means you can easily recover your entire wallet using a 12-word recovery seed if your device is lost. The Trezor Model T is the first hardware wallet in the world to implement Shamir Backup (SLIP39) for even greater security.

In the Box:

Model T

Magnetic dock

USB-A to USB-C cable

2x Recovery seed card

Trezor stickers

Tech Specs:

Device size & weight

Size: 64x39x10 mm (2.52x1.54x0.39 in)

Weight: 22 g (0.77 oz)


1.54'' Color LCD 240x240 pixels

Operating temperature

-20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)


USB-A to USB-C cable to connect to computer and mobile

Safety & certifications

All Trezor devices are CE and RoHS certified meeting all quality, reliability, and environmental standards. Trezors are not affected by X-ray machines and can be safely taken on airplanes.


168 MHz embedded ARM processor (Cortex-M4) running Trezor Core

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