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Thank God for Bitcoin: The creation, corruption & redemption of money

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UPC: 9781641991216
Brand: Derek Waltchack, Gabe Higgins, and Jimmy Song
Prepare to dive into a revolutionary understanding of our financial world with 'Thank God for Bitcoin', a captivating book introduced by Super Bowl Champion, Russell Okung. This book takes an in-depth look into the often misunderstood concept of money - how we earn it, spend it, save it, and the profound effect it has on our lives. It boldly ventures into the rarely discussed ethical dimensions of money, shedding light on how its true nature has been manipulated, leading to the enrichment of a few at the expense of many. 'Thank God for Bitcoin' probes into the underlying problems of our present monetary system and suggests compelling solutions. It dissects the origins of money, its degradation, and the potential pathways to its redemption. More significantly, it highlights the transformative power of Bitcoin, suggesting its capacity to rectify the ills of our corrupt monetary order. As the world transitions towards more reliable forms of currency, 'Thank God for Bitcoin' positions this shift as a beacon of hope amidst global uncertainties. This book is more than a mere read; it's an enlightening journey into the world of finance and the future of money. Available now in our online store, it's a must-have for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of our monetary system and its potential evolution
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