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Softwar: A Novel Theory on Power Projection

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UPC: 9798371524188
This is a high-resolution, full-color transcription of a scholarly dissertation composed by Major Jason Lowery, a serving US Space Force astronautical engineer and US National Defense Fellow at MIT, whose duties involve advising senior US military officers about the national strategic consequences of Bitcoin. In this dissertation, Major Lowery introduces an innovative theory to the US Department of Defense suggesting that Bitcoin signifies not just a decentralized financial network, but also a revolutionary type of digital warfare that could alter national security, cybersecurity, and potentially even the underlying structure of the internet. By leveraging scientific principles from disciplines such as biology, evolution, anthropology, political science, and computer theory, Major Lowery encapsulates the mechanics of power distribution in human societies and advocates for the influence emerging proof-of-work technologies (particularly Bitcoin) will exert on global human organization, collaboration, and competition. This influence stems from empowering societies to wield physical force within, from, and through the digital realm. Major Lowery's closing argument is that Bitcoin embodies a national strategic necessity that the US must recognize and incorporate promptly to avoid losing its position as a global superpower in the 21st century.
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