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SecuX Shield Bio

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UPC: 4710462190077
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About this item

Introducing Shield BIO, the pinnacle of biometric authentication card wallets, designed to safeguard your privacy with unmatched security and seamless access to your crypto assets. Featuring advanced biometric recognition technology, Shield BIO provides a safety layer that is exceptionally resilient against unauthorized access, ensuring ultimate protection for your digital wealth.

Advanced Biometric Recognition

Shield BIO incorporates cutting-edge biometric recognition technology, adding an extra layer of security that is notably challenging to breach. The one-touch authentication ensures swift and secure access to your digital wealth right at your fingertips.

Military-Grade Data Protection

With a CC EAL5+ military-grade Secure Element chip, Shield BIO sets the gold standard for data protection. This certified chip ensures the highest level of security for critical data storage and transactions, providing unparalleled peace of mind for crypto enthusiasts.

Comprehensive Cold Storage Solution

Supporting over 10,000+ coins and tokens, Shield BIO offers a comprehensive cold storage solution. Manage a diverse range of crypto assets securely in one platform, providing ultimate convenience without compromising on security.

Seamless Cross-Platform Experience

Shield BIO ensures a cohesive cross-platform experience with the SecuX Mobile app for iOS/Android and the integrated SecuXess Web App on the computer. Effortlessly manage your digital assets, diversify your portfolio, and maximize your engagement with the evolving crypto landscape.

Tech Specs:

Certified CC EAL5+

E-ink display

Biometric authentication

Hands-on Clear-sign

10,000+ coins/tokens

NFT supported


Mobile iOS / Android



Web-based App (Q1 2024)

USB charging station

PIN entry enabled

BIP-32, 39, 44 compatibility

Up to 500 accounts

MetaMask integration (QR-based)

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