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The Ultimate Bitcoin Seed Phrase Security Solution

Seedor, a renowned leader in cryptocurrency security solutions, presents Seedor Safe—an exceptional product meticulously designed to safeguard your Bitcoin seed phrase with utmost precision and care.

Unparalleled Security

Seedor understands the importance of safeguarding investments, which is why the Seedor Safe boasts the highest standards of security. With 28 stainless steel discs, each crafted from certified stainless steel (type 1.4301) in accordance with EN ISO 9001 standards, this product ensures longevity and durability. So you can rest assured that their valuable seed phrases will remain intact and protected for years to come.

Ingenious Design

The Seedor Safe, designed by Seedor's team of experts, offers a fail-safe solution for Bitcoin enthusiasts. In the unlikely event of a wallet being opened or accidentally falling apart, the Seed Phrase and access to Bitcoin remain secure. This innovative approach utilizes one stainless steel disc per word of the seed phrase, each bearing a unique stamp corresponding to its sequence in the seed. This design guarantees the complete preservation of assets.

Enhanced Security Measures

Security is paramount, and Seedor has taken additional measures to ensure customers' peace of mind. The Seedor Safe adheres to the BIP39 encryption standard, which requires knowledge of only the first four letters of each of the 2048 possible words for wallet recovery. Unlike many hardware wallets that display the full seed word after entering the first four letters, the Steel Wallet by Seedor allows mapping of the entire seed backup with full word length, offering an additional layer of security.

Double Your Security, Double Your Peace of Mind

Seedor believes in redundancy for added security and recommends double-securing the seed phrase, as well as diversifying Bitcoin holdings across multiple wallets. With the Seedor Safe, clients can easily create two Bitcoin backups, enhancing the security of their investments and ensuring they remain accessible.

Crafted in Germany

Seedor takes pride in crafting the Seedor Safe with meticulous attention to detail and innovation. Every stage of development, from conceptualization to production, occurs entirely in-house in Germany. This commitment to excellence guarantees a product that not only offers top-tier security but is built to withstand the test of time.

What's Included:

  • 1 Seedor Safe made of solid stainless steel
  • 28 Discs for recording seed phrases
  • 5 Tamper-proof Stickers

Don't leave the security of your Bitcoin to chance. Invest in a Seedor Safe, and experience the pinnacle of cryptocurrency protection. Protect your assets and secure your financial future—with Seedor.

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