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Etch A Pass

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Brand: Robins and Coleman

About this Item

Etch A Pass revolutionizes password security with an all-in-one kit designed to safeguard crypto seed phrases, passwords, MFA backup codes, and more. Each card has stencils of uppercase and lowercase letters, along with numbers and symbols, allowing you to etch any character with crispy legibility. This innovative solution ensures your data remains impervious to threats while enhancing your digital security. Etch A Pass's stainless steel cards are resilient, even against the most extreme circumstances. Protect your data from fire, flood, and shocks by enlisting the aid of Etch A Pass. It's the ultimate DIY kit that empowers you to take control of your security. Experience peace of mind knowing your passwords are backed up with a steel password backup. Choose Etch A Pass and fortify your digital fortress against threats. Protect your data with the strength of steel.


  • ❰STEEL PASSWORD BACKUP❱ Etch A Pass is an all-in-one kit designed to help you safely store your crypto wallet seed backups, passwords, and MFA codes. Using the engraving pen provided, engrave your most important passwords into the fireproof & waterproof stainless steel cards - the letter, number and symbol stencils on each card makes it easy to engrave legibly. Each card can fit between 80-110 characters, depending on spacing.
  • ❰PERFECT FOR INTERNET PASSWORD MANAGERS❱ If you use a program like Lastpass, OnePassword, Nordpass or Dashlane, you must protect your master password at all costs. Unlike typical passwords, master passwords are often impossible to recover, along with 2FA/MFA recovery codes. Avoid being locked out of your most crucial accounts. Engrave your data into Etch A Pass cards, and they’ll stand the test of time.
  • ❰SAFER THAN PAPER❱ With floods and fires occurring yearly in many regions, writing in a paper password organizer is not safe. With Etch A Pass cards, you can rest assured that even the most devastating house fire will not destroy your most precious data. Engrave your passwords onto an Etch A Pass card to help prevent the loss of your data in the event of a house fire, flood, or natural disaster.
  • ❰SAFER THAN MEMORY❱ While memorizing your passwords is considered the status quo, it's not a suitable strategy - especially for your most valuable passwords. Over time, your memory of your passwords may fade - and in the event of a traumatic head injury, you may not be able to recall your passwords.
  • ❰SAFER THAN DIGITAL NOTES❱ Keeping your passwords on a word document or on your phone’s notes app exposes you to phishing, cybertheft and ransom attacks. Do not be an easy target for cybercrime - keep your passwords offline, engraved into stainless steel.

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