No matter your level of experience with cryptocurrencies, the SecuX W20 hardware wallet is the perfect choice for managing all of your digital assets. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned industry professional, the SecuX W20 offers unparalleled security and ease-of-use

Seamless Connectivity

Bluetooth Connection

Micro-USB connection

Designed for the Needs of Urban Nomads

If you’re a frequent traveler or always on-the-go, the SecuX W20 wallet is the ultimate solution for managing your digital assets. Not only is it lightweight and durable, but it’s also packed with advanced features to ensure your assets are always secure. Whether you’re using Bluetooth or USB, the W20 offers seamless connectivity across multiple platforms for unparalleled convenience. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of urban life compromise the safety of your digital assets.

Experience Unbeatable Security

When it comes to protecting your digital assets, there’s no room for compromise. That’s why SecuX wallets are equipped with state-of-the-art Infineon SLE solid Flash CC EAL5+* Secure Element chip technology. This advanced security system ensures that your PIN and Private Key are stored securely and that transactions are authorized without the need for your private key to ever leave the device. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your digital assets are always protected by the most advanced security measures available.

Military-Grade Security

SecuX wallets feature vault-grade and military-level security measures to ensure zero transaction leakage and protect against malicious online attacks. With this advanced security system, your digital assets are safeguarded by the most advanced measures available, surpassing even those used by many banking systems. Trust in the unbeatable protection offered by SecuX and enjoy complete peace of mind when managing your digital assets.

Details That Matter

Seamless Cross-Platform Connectivity

The user-friendly SecuXess applications provide an easy-to-use solution for managing digital assets on both mobile and desktop platforms. With seamless sending and receiving options, users can access their digital assets anytime, anywhere. The applications offer a range of features for managing and controlling digital assets, giving users complete peace of mind. Whether on a mobile phone or desktop computer, users can enjoy a convenient and secure digital asset management experience with SecuXess.

Unbeatable Security

Your digital assets are always secure with SecuXess. In addition to the Infineon Secure Element, which provides unbeatable protection for your private key, our tamper-proof sealing tape ensures that third-party intervention is impossible. Any attempted access will result in evident markings, ensuring that any tampering attempts are immediately detected.

Advanced Security Features

Our dynamic keypad for PIN entry is designed to prevent unauthorized access to your digital assets, making it impossible for anyone to break into the device by tracing your fingerprints. Additionally, the wallet is equipped with an automatic reset feature that activates after five unsuccessful PIN entry attempts, ensuring that your digital assets are always protected.



SecuX W20

2 Recovery Sheets

Micro-USB Cable

SecuX Black Pouch

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