Experience the ultimate combination of security and user-friendliness with SecuX W10, the premier hardware wallet on the market. With top-of-the-line security features and an affordable entry-level price

feature rich, budget friendly

2.8 Inch Touchscreen

Micro-USB Connection

Mastering Simplicity

Experience unparalleled ease and confidence when managing your digital assets with the SecuX W10 hardware wallet. Featuring a large, high-quality 2.8-inch color touchscreen, you can effortlessly verify every transaction detail and navigate through your portfolio with absolute precision. With the SecuX W10, you’ll never have to worry about the frustration and inconvenience of transposed digits or misread transfers, no matter where you are

Secure Your Future

Your digital assets are in safe hands with SecuX wallets, which feature state-of-the-art Infineon SLE solid Flash CC EAL5+* Secure Element chip technology. This advanced security system ensures that your PIN and Private Key are stored securely and that transactions are authorized without the need for your private key to ever leave the device. With the SecuX wallet, you can enjoy unparalleled peace of mind knowing that your assets are always protected by the most advanced security measures available.

Fortify Your Digital Assets

Enjoy unrivaled peace of mind with the SecuX hardware wallet, which boasts vault-grade and military-level security measures. With this level of protection, you can rest assured that your transactions are 100% secure and free from any leaks. In fact, the security measures used in SecuX hardware wallets are even more advanced than those employed by many banking systems to guard against malicious online attacks. Say goodbye to worries about the safety of your digital assets and hello to the impenetrable protection offered by SecuX.

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Unbreakable Protection

In addition to the cutting-edge Infineon Secure Element, SecuX wallets feature tamper-proof sealing tape to prevent any unauthorized access to your private key. With this advanced security measure, any attempts to tamper with your device will be immediately evident thanks to clear markings left behind. Trust in the impenetrable protection offered by SecuX and enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your digital assets are always safe and secure.

Unlock the Power of Control

SecuX wallets offer advanced features to ensure your digital assets are always protected. With support for BIP-32, -39, and -44 standard 12, 18, and 24 recovery word sets, you’ll be able to easily recover your wallet if necessary. Additionally, you can enjoy enhanced security with a 25th word passphrase option. Rest easy knowing that your SecuX wallet offers unparalleled protection and control over your digital assets.

Fail-Safe Security

SecuX wallets feature a dynamic keypad for PIN entry, which prevents fingerprint tracing and ensures that your device remains secure at all times. What’s more, if there are more than five unsuccessful PIN entry attempts, the wallet automatically resets itself for added peace of mind. With SecuX, you can trust that your digital assets are always protected by advanced security measures that leave nothing to chance.



SecuX W10

2 Recovery Sheets

Micro-USB Cable

SecuX Black Pouch

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