Arculus® cold storage wallet for cryptocurrency and NFTs offers unique 3-factor authentication for secure storage and management of your digital assets via Arculus Card and App.

Simple, Secure Storage

Biometric Security

Secure NFC Card


Arculus’s easy-to-use account dashboard and “tap to transact” interactions allow for seamless and efficient management of your digital assets. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily navigate your account and access all of the information you need at a glance. The “tap to transact” feature offers a faster and more responsive experience, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly complete transactions with just a few taps. This advanced technology streamlines your digital asset management, providing you with greater control and flexibility over your valuable assets.

fortress-like protection

The Arculus Card’s CC EAL6+ Secure Element Hardware Classification is a testament to its commitment to providing the highest level of security for your cryptocurrency in cold storage. This advanced technology has undergone rigorous testing and is certified to meet the strictest security standards, giving you peace of mind that your digital assets are always protected. With Arculus, you can be confident in managing your cryptocurrency, knowing that your information is shielded by some of the most advanced security features available. Choose Arculus for ultra-secure storage solutions for your digital assets.

Revolutionary Privacy

When you take control of your cryptocurrency assets and keys, you’re empowered to manage your digital assets with unrivaled security and peace of mind. By breaking away from centralized systems, you can trust that your personal financial data remains highly protected and confidential, with no unnecessary risk of data breaches or cyber-attacks. This level of ultra-protection for your sensitive information is vital to ensuring the longevity and security of your digital assets, and is a key advantage of choosing a decentralized approach to managing your cryptocurrency. With this freedom and control, you can confidently navigate the digital asset landscape and manage your investments with ease.

Technical Magic

Matchless ease

Arculus offers an ultra-secure, user-friendly solution for safeguarding your digital assets. With the Arculus Card and App, you can easily manage your currencies and perform transactions with unparalleled ease and security. The tap-to-transact authentication feature makes it effortless to complete transactions from anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re buying, swapping, sending, or receiving currencies, the Arculus Card and App provide a seamless experience that puts you in control of your digital assets.

Harness the Power of NFTs and DeFi

Arculus is at the forefront of the digital asset industry, with advanced features that enable NFT support and seamless integration with WalletConnect. With a secure platform that spans the $44 billion NFT market and the wider DeFi community, Arculus is revolutionizing the way people manage their digital assets. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, Arculus ensures that your NFTs and other digital assets remain secure and protected at all times, providing you with greater confidence and peace of mind in your digital asset management. With Arculus, you can take full advantage of the exciting opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape.

Strengthen Your Security with Advanced 3-Factor Authentication

Empower yourself with the full ownership and complete control of your digital assets through Arculus®. Arculuse’s advanced encrypted cold storage provides top-tier self-custody to secure your digital assets to the fullest. Furthermore, with the best-in-class 3-factor authentication, your identity is safeguarded at all times, ensuring unparalleled protection for your valuable assets. Trust in Arculus® to offer you the ultimate peace of mind with unmatched security and control over your digital assets.



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