QuickBit Review Secux Xseed Pro

QuickBit reviews XSeed Pro Crypto Seed sold storage – check out our store Here

The xseed pro is a Crypto Seed storage device by Secux a crypto-security company. They do a lot of different things such as key storage devices and hardware wallets alike. They have a couple of other products they offer as well which is pretty cool

We were very excited to get into this one. The Packaging on an initial review is very pleasing to the eye and very well branded. Upon inspecting the device further it’s noticeably heavy weighing in at 455 grams. giving it a feel of quality and a robust build before even taking it out of the box.

The package once open is split into two sections. The Main Device and Underneath the Laser engraved letter plates. Included in the Kit is a nice Visualization of everything included(Steel Plate, Aluminum plate, Laser engraved Letters, Etching pen, and frame key, Security seals), and Instructions on how to use the device.

The Letters are all very small, so it’s important to make sure you keep them all in one place as they would be easy to lose.

The Kit does a great job of explaining why it’s so important to keep your crypto private keys safe, and lists the risks that can incur by not protecting them properly.

Taking out the Steel Key storage, it’s clear that it was built for security. It’s an exact match to the Billfodl down to the weight. The Crypto Key storage device is fireproof up to 2649 Fahrenheit or 1454 degrees Celsius. It’s also Waterproof and Shock Proof. So there’s little risk of accidentally throwing the device out, or damaging it.

The Aluminum Plate is a lot less robust but has the convenience of being very easy to engrave and has more room for your words. The steel key is limited to 5 letters per word whereas the aluminum is limited to how small you can write. Both devices have the capacity for 12 Words per side for a total of 24.

At the price of 89 dollars u.s it’s way cheaper than the Billfodl even though it’s an identical device and it includes a lot more features such as the aluminum plate and etching pen. with only five letters per word, you will probably have to rely on your own system or memory to a degree. Don’t expect to be able to completely put in no effort into it. I like the security seals as well. The ability to padlock the actual device also adds a lot of value in my opinion.

4.5 for security

4.5 for reliability

ease of use is a 4

and the price is a 4.

The reason it doesn’t get a 5 for the price is I think the price should come down for all of these devices, but that’s a total of 17.5 super secure, and I recommend it