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QuickBit Crypto Boutique Is now officially open as of August 3rd 2021! But Who are we and what do we do? We are on the forfront of the crypto space opening one of the first location of the type. QuickBit has been in operation since 2014 with its first Crypto BTM. It has since expanded to over 8 Crypto atms across southern saskatchewan. QuickBit has taken another bold step by opening one of the first brick and mortar stores in western Canada aptly named “The Crypto Booutique” The Crypto Boutique offers a verity of cryptocurrency related products such as hardware wallets, Key storage, accessories, apparel and more! QuickBit also has an in house crypto Atm(BTM) for use. weather your new or a seasoned vet the quickbit staff is here to help you get set up and ready to make your first step into the crypto world

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