Happy 13th Birthday Bitcoin!!!

It’s a new year! Quickbit Sends our best wishes to all our customers as we enter 2022!!

Yesterday, I sent out a Tweet saying that Bitcoin is Going through Puberty. 13 is the average age where Kids see significant and rapid changes in themselves. I thought this applied to bitcoin as 2021 was a tremendous year of change for Bitcoin. 2020 showed some sparks like the famous move of the publicly-traded company Microstragies using company treasury money to buy 450 million dollars of bitcoin and putting it on their balance sheet, then Paypal announcing that they will support bitcoin. This enabled bitcoin to start 2021 with strong price momentum. Q1 showed us a new all-time high price. Q2 we learned that Elon Musk and Tesla purchased 1.5 Billion Dollars of bitcoin. China banned bitcoin mining (you might say this was a bad thing, but it was actually good for bitcoin). Q3, a historical event happened where the nation of El Salvador recognized bitcoin as a Legal Tender. Billionaires and institutions voice support and purchase bitcoin. Q4, we saw another all-time high and the first-ever Bitcoin futures ETF approved by the Us securities commission. Continued institutional adoption and price predictions galore. The Cryptocurrency went through a massive growth spurt as well. There was an explosion of Awareness, adoption, and innovation in the areas of NFT’s, Decentralized finance, and Metaverse.

As in all transformational change, there is always resistance and pushback. There was no Shortage of F.U.D, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. The World bank, IMF, central banks, and governments were issuing warnings, negative opinions about Crypto. Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, and the old school economists that think their opinion matters continued to speak out against crypto.

As a youth goes through puberty and enter their teen years, it’s common that they are energetic, optimistic, fearless, 10ft tall, and bulletproof. They want to shout at authority, challenge the Status Quo and create the world they want.

News to the world, bitcoin and Crypto is Growing, energetic, and doesn’t give a Shit!

It’s about being on the right side of change.


From your team at Quickbit,

Dale & Leander

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