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Crypto KeyStack Builder

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UPC: ‎B001O8RL40
Brand: Crypto Key Stack

The Crypto Key Stack is a stainless steel, do-it-yourself, offline backup device for all of your most sensitive information including mnemonic phrases, private wallet keys and passwords. When it comes to storing and protecting your information, you need a solution you can trust. That’s why relying on traditional materials alone like paper and USB drives, or exposing yourself to third-party involvement simply doesn’t make sense.

The Crypto Key Stack is a true cold storage device, allowing you to backup your private wallet keys and mnemonics offline. Using the included diamond tipped electric engraver you are able to quickly, conveniently and privately embed your mnemonics and private keys between a half-pound stack of EMP proof, fireproof (up to 1200° Celsius), and waterproof black anodized stainless steel plates. The modular design allows you to customize and build out your Crypto Key Stack to fit your exact needs. Each Crypto Key Stack can hold up to a combination of eight mnemonic phrases and private key plates.

The Crypto Key Stack: Builders Edition - 1 Plate

Customize your build with the Crypto Key Stack Builders Edition.

Each kit includes a diamond-tipped electric engraver, protective plates, hardware, and one 12/24 words engraving mnemonic plate .

The Builders Edition is completely modular. Allowing you to expand your Builders Edition with up to seven additional stack plates sold separately.

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