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Blockstream cold storage

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UPC: 5060632460004
Brand: Blockstream

Elevate Your Crypto Security with Blockstream Metal Offline Backup

Sometimes, embracing a touch of recklessness can be exhilarating – but when it comes to your digital assets, safeguarding them is non-negotiable. Introducing the Blockstream Metal Offline Backup – an uncompromising solution that adds weight to your protection strategy.

Unleash the Power of Metal:

The Blockstream Metal Offline Backup isn't just a backup; it's a heavyweight champion of security. Crafted from premium metals, each piece boasts a custom laser-engraved Blockstream design. On one side, the iconic Blockstream logo stands strong, while on the flip side, the motto "Don't Trust. Verify." is etched – a powerful reminder of the importance of vigilance.

Style and Substance in One:

Guard your 24-word seed phrase with style. The Blockstream Metal Offline Backup combines aesthetics and fortification, ensuring your seed's safety in the face of floods, fires, and any unforeseen challenges.

Step Up Your Security Game:

In a world where digital threats loom large, physical offline seed word storage is your fortress. Ditch flimsy paper and embrace a tangible device that safeguards you from potential disasters. Consider this your invitation to distance your seed words from the Cloud – a realm that has seen its fair share of compromises from both internal and external threats. We've all heard the stories of bad actors infiltrating Cloud accounts, making off with funds by discovering vulnerable seed words. It's a scenario that benefits no one, and we're here to provide a solution.

The Metal Advantage:

Every Blockstream Metal Offline Backup is meticulously designed for simplicity and security. Each package includes character tiles that fit seamlessly into the device. Slide the cover back after placing the first 4 letters of each word, and you'll find peace of mind in knowing that our marine-grade 316 stainless steel provides an impenetrable shield against the elements.

Perfect Complement to Blockstream Jade:

If you're already in awe of the Blockstream Jade, brace yourself for the perfect complement. The Blockstream Metal Offline Backup pairs flawlessly with the Jade, enhancing your security ecosystem.

Disclaimer: We Can't Defend Against Tragic Boating Accidents.

Explore Your Options:

The Blockstream Metal Offline Backup is just one facet of our commitment to safeguarding your crypto journey. Discover a range of seed phrase backup devices that cater to your unique needs.

At Blockstream, we don't just offer products; we provide peace of mind. Elevate your crypto security today with the Blockstream Metal Offline Backup and take control of your digital destiny like never before.

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