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Product Details
Brand: Billfodl

Billfodl is the most secure way to store your crypto wallet backup offline, safe from hackers and acts of God. Using a randomized set of character tiles, you recreate your recovery phrase in the steel unit, creating an almost indestructible back up. Works best with Crypto wallets like Ledger and Trezor.

With the Billfodl, you can assemble any kind of private key you need (seed phrase, alphanumeric, hexadecimal, etc)! Just use the provided tiles organized inside the package, and slide them in one by one, then close and lock!

Billfodl is waterproof.

Composed of the highest quality marine grade 316 stainless steel, Billfodl protects against all water related threats, including corrosive salt water. It's so good, your data would be safe at the bottom of the ocean floor.

Billfodl is fireproof.

It is protected up to 1200C/2100F and is top rated to protect against heat related elements that might destroy your sensitive data.

Billfodl is shockproof.

It is constructed to withstand over a million volts of electricity. Whether it is solar spots, a nuclear strike, or a microwave bomb, nothing protects your data like Billfodl does.


Universal Compatibility

Billfodl is compatible with every hardware and software crypto wallet on the market. It can support BIP39 seeds of 12, 18, or 24 words, or even vanilla private keys - no matter the coin.

Simple Set Up

Have your recovery seed backed up and ready to go in less than 10 minutes. Our 'no stamping required' method means a fast backup without sacrificing security.

Laser-Engraved Tiles

Because our tiles are laser engraved, it means your recovery seed is backed up on characters that are burned permanently into the stainless steel they are engraved on.

Laser Cut Chassis

The main unit is laser cut, which means that, unlike other similar products, the tiles always fit exactly the same every time, making it easier to load and more likely to retain its structure in a fire.

Technical Specifications

Dimension & weight

Unit Size: 104mm x 58mm x 5mm

(4.1in x 2.3in x 0.2in)

Weight: .4 kg (14 oz)

Box Size: Unit Size: 170mm x 120mm x 15mm (6.7in x 4.7in x 0.6in)


316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel


Lazer Cut Stainless Steel Chassis

Stainless Steel Laser Engraved Tiles


All hardware wallets, software wallets

and password managers using hexadecimal or BIP39 seeds, keys, or master passwords

Billfodl is licensed from Cryptosteel under a Creative Commons 3.0 License.

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